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AFR – developers vs koalas

On May 20, 2011, The Australian Financial Review published an article about why property developers do not want koalas to be protected.

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Grim future for Aussie icon

Queensland University of Technology News presents a story about the Senate Inquiry that features Senator Bob Brown, Dr Jon Hanger of the RSPCA and Deborah Tabart of the AKF. They declare that if the Federal Government does not intervene, koalas will become extinct. Go to QUT News for more. Download Video: MP4

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Senate Inquiry : Health and sustainability of Australia’s Koala population

An Inquiry into the status, health and sustainability of Australia’s koala population is a current matter before the Senate of the Parliament of Australia. The committee is no longer accepting submissions and is yet to report. Out of this inquiry, we would love to see the koala listed as vulnerable and effective means of protecting…read more

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what we want to avoid

The Perfect World

Establishing what the perfect habitat for koalas is, is a complex issue, but a necessary one to understand if humans and koalas are going to live together. Koalas require the presence of certain tree species (mostly eucalyptus, and some non-eucalyptus) growing in suitable soils with adequate rainfall. There must be one or two primary species,…read more

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Everyone loves koalas

…so we’ve decided to contribute to an archive of people cuddling Koalas…  conservationists, politicians, celebrities, stars, heads of state and YOU! Also, check our Tumblr.

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Welcome to Koala Land

Welcome to Koala Land, a new online community. Koalas make everybody happy. But did you know that our national icon is under threat of extinction? We don’t want this to happen, so that’s why we have created Koala Land, a meeting place where everyone can learn about koalas and share new ideas in koala and…read more

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