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6.30 with george negus

Homeless Koalas on 6.30 with George Negus

6.30 with George Negus presented a story about koalas, the Senate Inquiry and property developers, which aired on Ten on June 7. The story features Senator Bob Brown and Deborah Tabart.

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This is not good enough

How Big?

Koala land means large undisturbed tracts of bushland. Ideally, for a good stable koala population, you need a minimum of 180 koalas over 3600Ha. Koalas will only inhabit 50% of this area. Half of the koalas must be female, and 60% of the females need to be reproductive. An absolute minimum for a koala habitat…read more

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Sugar Cane Land

Degraded Land

The fastest growing urban footprint in Australia is in South East Queensland, which has been accommodating an extra 600 to 1000 people every week. As urban areas expand at an ever increasing rate, we have to start thinking about different ways of using land, because current trends are eating into koala habitat at an alarming…read more

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Koala Beach

Koala Beach

One of the only examples of an existing development that attempts to address koala habitat is Koala Beach, a 600 dwelling 300 Hectare residential area just north of Pottsville, New South Wales, Australia. Koala Beach was a collaboration between the Australian Koala Foundation and The Ray Group, a Gold Coast based developer. Promoted as a…read more

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Koala Heatwave on Catalyst

The ABC‘s Catalyst aired a piece featuring Dr Dan Lunney, John Lemon and Dr Ian Wallis talking about how climate change will effect koalas. Go to Catalyst for more.

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Anti development?

At Koala Land, we want to work together with developers to establish new ways of building in koala habitat. One of the biggest problems with current ways of developing land is that small patches of koala habitat are disconnected from other areas of habitat. Koalas do move large distances by ground, and one of the…read more

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Image Source: This says so much to me… Only a few mammals have fingerprints – us humans, primates and koalas. Koala fingerprints are so similar to human fingerprints that even with an electron microscope, it’s quite difficult to tell them apart. What’s amazing is that koala prints  seem to have evolved independently. On the evolutionary…read more

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Koala habitat clearing

What’s happening to Koala habitat?

We have imposed a human landscape on their world, and koalas are taking no notice of that because they don’t recognise boundaries. In the end, all koalas need is trees, and they need to get to trees without having to deal with cars, dogs and fences. We need to tame the ever expanding urban footprint…read more

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