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Connections patches koala habitat

Connections and Connectivity

As discussed in the post of July 23, fragmentation of koala habitat is a huge problem for koalas. To reduce stress for koalas, the patches of koala habitat must be large enough, and there must be functional connectivity between these patches. It has been suggested that the patches of bushland need to at least 50…read more

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Senate Inquiry in Melbourne

The third and final Senate Inquiry into the status, health and sustainability of Australia’s koala population is happening in Melbourne on August 1. You can read more at The Australian Koala Foundation and sign a petition at Moreton Bay Koala Rescue and at GetUp. You can see submissions that were received by the Senate committee…read more

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Fragmentation of koala habitat

Fragmentation of Koala Habitat and Inbreeding

One of the major issues affecting the health and sustainability of koala populations is fragmentation of habitat. Every time new roads, developments and fences are constructed in koala habitats, the normal movement of koalas is hindered, and they are disconnected from the things they need to survive – food trees and other koalas. As mentioned…read more

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Koala home ranges

Home Ranges

A home range is the place where a koala spends all its time, and encompasses all the resources the koala requires to survive and reproduce. In healthy koala habitats, koalas do not have to compete for resources – so competition for food trees and other resources influences how koalas are distributed across a landscape. A…read more

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Asha the koala

Koalas in the news

A curious koala climbs on the frame of Doug McArthur’s giant satellite dish at Glenburn. July 7, 2011 Photo: Doug McArthur Koala to turn into the Drop Bear July 9, 2011 YOUR corporate logo should symbolise what your business is about. It should be an instantly recognisable emotional representation of the heart and soul of…read more

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Removal of Koala Habitat

Koalas – A Sentinel Species

Koalas are totally dictated by the habitat they live in – they are not opportunistic and they are unable to change. Cheyne Flanagan, supervisor at the Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie, explains that “koalas are the sentinel species” for the rest of the organisms that live in the same ecosystem. Koalas are like the “canary…read more

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Sam the Koala

Sam the Koala

Australia was deeply saddened when the very famous Sam the Koala died. Sam became famous when he was given water by a Victorian bush fire fighter after the devastating Victorian fires of 2009. The then Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, made a statement about how sad it was that Sam had passed away. He…read more

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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry in ‘Last Chance To See’

We strongly recommend viewing the BBC’s Last Chance to See: A Search For Animals on the Edge of Extinction. So many of the very inspiring and truthful words presented in the series relate so closely to the koala’s situation. In Episode 1, Amazonian Manatee, Stephen Fry says, “The biggest mass extermination is happening on the…read more

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AKF advertisement in MX

AKF Campaign

We’re liking the Australian Koala Foundation campaign that’s running at the moment.

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Koala Beejay and unnamed joey

Koala Currency

Dreamworld Life Sciences are preparing for the arrival of 11 little koala joeys as they begin to emerge from the pouch. In a bid to raise awareness surrounding the plight of koalas in South East Queensland. Dreamworld have decided to canvas public opinion in the koala naming process, they are currently considering naming the koalas after currencies like Dollar, Yen,…read more

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Koalas Beejay and unnamed joey

New Arrivals : Koala Joeys

Meet the as yet unnamed joey koala, one of 11 new arrivals at Dreamworld’s Wildlife Experience. The latest additions to the colony are set to emerge from the pouch very soon and are currently being weighed and documented before they enter their new home in Koala Country. Beejay’s little 5 month old joey is featured in today’s…read more

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