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koala maggie and joey

Koalas in the news

It’s been a huge month for the koala! From the koala heartland Redlands Council to Canberra and across the Pacific to Ground Zero, the koala is a symbol of  hope and social consciousness, evoking an uplifting air of playfulness and security to many people. Yet as a society it has been neglected for far too…read more

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koala relaxing in a tree

Koalas, people and climate change: not a good mix

Koalas, people and climate change: not a good mix As Australia gets warmer and drier, koalas will struggle to survive. JSFauxtography On 22 September, a Senate inquiry released its report, The koala – saving our national icon. The inquiry made 19 recommendations, and called for more funding for koala research. The environment minister is now considering…read more

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Report reccomends koala protection abc video snapshot

Koala Senate Inquiry calls for vulnerable status

A Senate inquiry into the decline of koala numbers across Australia has recommended the native animal be listed as a vulnerable species in certain areas. The Senate Committee heard from scientists and advocacy groups about the status, health and sustainability of the protected animal. It has delivered 19 recommendations following a 10-month investigation. The committee…read more

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3 of Dreamworlds koala joeys

UPDATE : Dreamworld’s 11 koala joeys line-up to join the colony

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Sprinkles after radiation treatment

Koalas in the news

Join Eprapah tree planting project – July 28, 2011 Redland City Council Mayor Melva Hobson said the benefits surrounding National Tree Day were extensive. “The community planting will help minimise the impacts of climate change and provide food and habitat for local native wildlife, including our vulnerable koala population. “It will also encourage families to…read more

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11 joey koalas are joining the colony at Dreamworld

Don’t think koalas can get any cuter? Check out the noises the tiny little joeys are making!

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Blair the koala

763 koalas admitted to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

This article from the Coffs Harbour Advocate serves to highlight the dire situation our beloved koalas are facing at the hands of expanding residential developments on the East Coast of Australia. Little Blair is 1 of 763 koalas admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in the past year. That’s 23% of all the approximately…read more

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koala doug threatened

National Threatened Species Day – September 7th 2011

Today is Threatened Species Day,  it’s a national day held each year on 7 September to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger at Hobart Zoo in 1936. This is a great opportunity to bring light to the plight of the koala and inspire action in getting the koala recognised as an endangered…read more

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September is Save the Koala Month

Save the Koala September

September is Save the Koala Month at the Australian Koala Foundation. Sadly we can’t all hug Erin McNaught to save a koala… but you can help by Holding a ‘Cuddles for Koala’ event during September. We all know the poor little koalas have hugged their share of sweaty tourists in their time!

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