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Koala in a cage

Why is koala soup on the menu?

ATTENTION! : See the updated story here via An Australian traveller says he was horrified to find a live koala for sale at a restaurant in southern China where the menu was offering the iconic marsupial for dinner in either ‘‘braised or stewed’’ varieties. A sign on the cage holding the animal advertised ‘‘koalas’’…read more

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Vets work on Fleet the Koala at Australia Hospital

Fleet the koala Shot in Every Limb is Still Fighting for Survival

Another koala has been shot less than 4 months since little koala Frodo made his return to the wild after his recovery from gunshot wounds. The RSCPA has launched an investigation into the heinous attack on a koala that was shot several times and left for dead in Kippa-Ring in the north of Brisbane. Assistant…read more

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Koala Hospital Logo

Koala Hospital Documentary

  Australia’s most adorable animals are in trouble. At the world’s first Koala Hospital, they cling to survival Australia may seem like a wildlife paradise, but looks can be deceiving. KOALA HOSPI✚AL presents the poignant and surprising life of koalas. For almost 40 years, the Koala Hospital and its community of volunteers have been caring…read more

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The Senate

The koala : Saving our national icon

Here’s a direct link to the published 180 page koala Senate Inquiry report (PDF 2132KB) You can view the report as separate downloadable parts: Committee membership (PDF 28KB) Recommendations (PDF 27KB) Abbreviations and Acronyms (PDF 7KB) Executive Summary (PDF 27KB) Introduction Threats Population and threatened species listing National Koala Conservation and Management Strategy Conclusion Chapter…read more

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koala and lion

How much can a koala bellow?

That’s no lion madam, that’s the bellow of a randy koala Glenda Kwek – October 4, 2011 – 4:55PM If you thought koalas were just quiet, sleepy, eucalypt-chewing bundles of cuteness, think again. These Aussie icons turn supersonic during mating season. Normally they spend most of the day and night sleeping. But now, during the…read more

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