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Port Stephens Koala in a tree

Government continues to delay koalas protection status

It seems the various levels of Australian government have ignored the requests of residents and conservation campaigners to deal with the urgent plight of dwindling koala populations and the bushland that harbours our national icons. Sadly Ministers Tony Burke and Peter Garett are yet again content delaying action on this critical national environmental issue, with…read more

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Haymes road is a dead end

End of a dead end

Source : 16 February, 2012 3:36PM AEDT By Dominic Brine   Haymes road is a dead end Some residents of Ballarat suburb Mount Clear are opposed to plans for a housing development that could shrink the bushland gap to neighbouring Canadian Lakes. David James lives on Haymes Road which is currently a dead end…read more

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Spoonbill street location of local koala food trees

Vandal attack spurs community to defend their environment

Source : AN ACT of pure vandalism in 2008 has resulted in the formation of a neighbourhood group that keeps getting stronger with each year. The residents of Spoonbill St, Peregian Beach, were galvanised by the poisoning in April, 2008, of two 17-year-old koala food trees. Angered and determined not to have a repeat…read more

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koala sleeping in tree

Koalas face demise

Koala’s face demise (and Australia watches….). 2 February, 2012 2:39PM AEST By Alice Roberts and Megan Hendry Researchers, conservationists and property owners have met in Rockhampton for a three day workshop to discuss ways to save one of Australia’s most iconic marsupials. Researchers say climate change, mining activity and human activity have had detrimental impacts…read more

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Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland

Conserving Central Queensland’s Koalas

I just got back from Central Queensland University in Rockhampton where the Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland hosted koala conservation workshops. Convened by Dr Alistair Melzer of Central Queensland University and Dr William Ellis and Dr Sean FitzGibbon of University of Queensland, the workshops brought together local, national and international koala experts to focus…read more

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