Junk Food Koalas?

These beautiful drawings are by Sydney designer Adam France.

We rarely stop and think. But if we start reflecting on cute creatures like koalas, and we ponder the fact that they hardly need anything to survive, just food trees and connections with each other, then our consumption as a species starts to look ridiculous. As ridiculous as koalas eating junk food.

We humans live and eat and consume way beyond what we need. And we mess with everything else’s ability to live in the process.

Junk Food Koalas by Adam France

About Mark Gerada

Mark Gerada is an Australian artist, designer and teacher with a background in architecture, planning, publishing and advertising. As an architect, Mark challenges existing models of planning by promoting more efficient and sustainable uses of resources and land, and explores the possibility that urban environments could be denser and more self sufficient as a means of protecting existing tracts of bushland. His emphasis is on the communication of complex ideas in a succinct fashion and developing distinctive identities and branding for socially responsible campaigns. For more information, visit markgerada.net

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  1. Martine February 22, 2016 at 9:19 am #

    One might suggest that you sluohd teach at Barker, purely to give back to the school that gave you so much.But that would be totally lame Instead, I think you have a responsibility as a Christian to consider which has the greatest need public or private education? Are you considering which has a shortage of teachers, or which has a particular need of teachers in an area of Sydney/NSW? These are massive questions, and not to be taken lightly.

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