One Tree

One Tree by Mark Gerada
2000 saplings by Mark Gerada
One tree the size of a telegraph pole stores around one Tonne of carbon (which is the equivalent to a carbon credit). If this tree were to be chopped down, it would require 2000 saplings covering an area of 2 Hectares to replace it in terms of carbon offsetting. Trees need to be thought more of as a resource, living resources that allow a lot of other things to live. We need to document and list trees and build up an automatic moratorium.

There needs to be a new approach for subsidising and rewarding good urban planning that conserves koala numbers and allows connections and koala populations to thrive. Thinking beyond land exploitation means that instead of rewarding unimaginative consumers of the land, and the polluters, we now need to approach koala and koala habitat conservation as a sustainable resource.

We need to value our koalas, and we need to put a value on conservation. It is an interesting question to consider a number to put to the worth of a koala. In attempting to establish this, land value, tree value, and how much people would expect to pay (like a sponsorship approach) needs to be considered.

There needs to be more cost benefit analysis of koalas and koala conservation. Currently the cost of attempting to conserve koalas is already a shared responsibility. Further establishing these costs need to be more thorough, consistent with koala conservation needs to be more a part of our mindset.

About Mark Gerada

Mark Gerada is an Australian artist, designer and teacher with a background in architecture, planning, publishing and advertising. As an architect, Mark challenges existing models of planning by promoting more efficient and sustainable uses of resources and land, and explores the possibility that urban environments could be denser and more self sufficient as a means of protecting existing tracts of bushland. His emphasis is on the communication of complex ideas in a succinct fashion and developing distinctive identities and branding for socially responsible campaigns. For more information, visit

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