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koalas threatened by development

Council acts to preserve koala land after Tinana clearing

  Council acts to preserve koala land after Tinana clearing John Grey 18th Jul 2013 2:02 PM The council has voted to prepare a plan to help protect koalas.Robyne Cuerel EDITORIAL: Fraser Coast councillors have listened to the concerns expressed by the Chronicle and our readers about the risks of destroying koala habitat in our region.…read more

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leash your dog

Report Preview: 80% of koala habitat has been cleared for farms and houses.

  Image courtesy of Mark Gerada The Koala Coast koala populations dropped by 68% in the ten years leading up to 2008. According to the Department of Environment and Resource Management’s Koala Coast Koala Population Report 2010, a comprehensive survey of the koala population showed that it dropped by more than 50% between 2005 and 2008. Koala…read more

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one tree thumb

One Tree

One tree the size of a telegraph pole stores around one Tonne of carbon (which is the equivalent to a carbon credit). If this tree were to be chopped down, it would require 2000 saplings covering an area of 2 Hectares to replace it in terms of carbon offsetting. Trees need to be thought more…read more

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The Koala, Australia

In the process of making her motion graphic, The Koala, Australia, Huan Zhang was shocked to discover how little people knew about koalas. Produced for her Master of Design at University of Technology Sydney, Huan decided to simply use data comparing human and koala habitats in her animation to highlight how bad the situation has…read more

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Replanting trees will save land and marine species

Even though the devastating Queensland floods of early 2011 are some nine months ago now, greater damage is starting to reveal itself out to sea – so far nearly 1,000 dead Sea Turtles and 170 dead Dugongs, a vulnerable species, have been found. The creatures are dying from starvation because they are losing their food…read more

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queensland koalas 02

Queensland Koalas

The Queensland koala population is an important population for all of Australia because it is natural – it is one of the only populations left in Australia where koalas are existing naturally in their natural physical environment. In other words, Queensland koalas have not been manipulated, introduced, or reintroduced. As we have discussed in previous…read more

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Fragmentation of koala habitat

Fragmentation of Koala Habitat and Inbreeding

One of the major issues affecting the health and sustainability of koala populations is fragmentation of habitat. Every time new roads, developments and fences are constructed in koala habitats, the normal movement of koalas is hindered, and they are disconnected from the things they need to survive – food trees and other koalas. As mentioned…read more

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Koala home ranges

Home Ranges

A home range is the place where a koala spends all its time, and encompasses all the resources the koala requires to survive and reproduce. In healthy koala habitats, koalas do not have to compete for resources – so competition for food trees and other resources influences how koalas are distributed across a landscape. A…read more

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Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman exploits native forests, Getup reveals

GetUp has revealed that Harvey Norman has been caught red handed by undercover environmental investigators selling furniture that fuels the destruction of Australia’s native forests. Instead of using existing plantation timber – which is plentiful and affordable – an investigation by Markets for Change has revealed that Harvey Norman furniture is made from ancient Australian…read more

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This is not good enough

How Big?

Koala land means large undisturbed tracts of bushland. Ideally, for a good stable koala population, you need a minimum of 180 koalas over 3600Ha. Koalas will only inhabit 50% of this area. Half of the koalas must be female, and 60% of the females need to be reproductive. An absolute minimum for a koala habitat…read more

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Sugar Cane Land

Degraded Land

The fastest growing urban footprint in Australia is in South East Queensland, which has been accommodating an extra 600 to 1000 people every week. As urban areas expand at an ever increasing rate, we have to start thinking about different ways of using land, because current trends are eating into koala habitat at an alarming…read more

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