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Incredibly cute thirsty koala drinks to beat the dry weather

This fluffy young koala popped his head over our fence in search for water. It has been very dry here in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and so are the Gum Trees. Koalas get creative in search for water during the dry Summer.

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Hazel's baby koala joey emerges from the pouch

Dreamworld’s new addition to the koala colony emerges from Hazel’s pouch

The Dreamworld Koala colony has new arrivals! The as yet unnamed koalas joey have emerged from proud koala mums Hazel and Ruby’s pouches, Hazel’s Joey is sporting a casual lean and cheeky little smile while Ruby is all curled up like a warm pastry! We will keep you posted with more updates as they come to hand.

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Yabbra koala runs the halls at edinburgh zoo

Yabbra the koala runs the halls at Edinburugh Zoo

Meet Yabbra, at the time of posting, one of only two Koalas in the UK housed at Edinburgh Zoo. Like most Koalas he can sleep for around 22 hours in a single day. But when he’s awake he literally likes to run the halls! His unusual name is, perhaps unexpectedly, of Aborigine origin, meaning “the…read more

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koala specsavers

Koalas In Advertising : Specsavers

Specsavers is running “Koala”, a television commercial promoting the brand’s deals on contact lenses. A woman reading a newspaper in a park is surprised by the appearance of a curious koala (created entirely in CGI). They struggle briefly over the newspaper before the koala gets to reads the Specsavers’ ad in the paper. Why are…read more

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Koalas Beejay and unnamed joey

New Arrivals : Koala Joeys

Meet the as yet unnamed joey koala, one of 11 new arrivals at Dreamworld’s Wildlife Experience. The latest additions to the colony are set to emerge from the pouch very soon and are currently being weighed and documented before they enter their new home in Koala Country. Beejay’s little 5 month old joey is featured in today’s…read more

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