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Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland

Conserving Central Queensland’s Koalas

I just got back from Central Queensland University in Rockhampton where the Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland hosted koala conservation workshops. Convened by Dr Alistair Melzer of Central Queensland University and Dr William Ellis and Dr Sean FitzGibbon of University of Queensland, the workshops brought together local, national and international koala experts to focus…read more

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genome banks

Genome banks and connectivity

As mentioned in a previous post, Dr Steve Johnston of University of Queensland has been developing the concept of a genome bank for koalas as a part of new strategy for koala conservation. This is a simple but elegant idea whereby genetics in the form of live animals or frozen sperm can be managed for…read more

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queensland koalas 02

Queensland Koalas

The Queensland koala population is an important population for all of Australia because it is natural – it is one of the only populations left in Australia where koalas are existing naturally in their natural physical environment. In other words, Queensland koalas have not been manipulated, introduced, or reintroduced. As we have discussed in previous…read more

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Connections patches koala habitat

Connections and Connectivity

As discussed in the post of July 23, fragmentation of koala habitat is a huge problem for koalas. To reduce stress for koalas, the patches of koala habitat must be large enough, and there must be functional connectivity between these patches. It has been suggested that the patches of bushland need to at least 50…read more

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Fragmentation of koala habitat

Fragmentation of Koala Habitat and Inbreeding

One of the major issues affecting the health and sustainability of koala populations is fragmentation of habitat. Every time new roads, developments and fences are constructed in koala habitats, the normal movement of koalas is hindered, and they are disconnected from the things they need to survive – food trees and other koalas. As mentioned…read more

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Removal of Koala Habitat

Koalas – A Sentinel Species

Koalas are totally dictated by the habitat they live in – they are not opportunistic and they are unable to change. Cheyne Flanagan, supervisor at the Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie, explains that “koalas are the sentinel species” for the rest of the organisms that live in the same ecosystem. Koalas are like the “canary…read more

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This is not good enough

How Big?

Koala land means large undisturbed tracts of bushland. Ideally, for a good stable koala population, you need a minimum of 180 koalas over 3600Ha. Koalas will only inhabit 50% of this area. Half of the koalas must be female, and 60% of the females need to be reproductive. An absolute minimum for a koala habitat…read more

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Sugar Cane Land

Degraded Land

The fastest growing urban footprint in Australia is in South East Queensland, which has been accommodating an extra 600 to 1000 people every week. As urban areas expand at an ever increasing rate, we have to start thinking about different ways of using land, because current trends are eating into koala habitat at an alarming…read more

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Koala Heatwave on Catalyst

The ABC‘s Catalyst aired a piece featuring Dr Dan Lunney, John Lemon and Dr Ian Wallis talking about how climate change will effect koalas. Go to Catalyst for more.

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Anti development?

At Koala Land, we want to work together with developers to establish new ways of building in koala habitat. One of the biggest problems with current ways of developing land is that small patches of koala habitat are disconnected from other areas of habitat. Koalas do move large distances by ground, and one of the…read more

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what we want to avoid

The Perfect World

Establishing what the perfect habitat for koalas is, is a complex issue, but a necessary one to understand if humans and koalas are going to live together. Koalas require the presence of certain tree species (mostly eucalyptus, and some non-eucalyptus) growing in suitable soils with adequate rainfall. There must be one or two primary species,…read more

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