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The Koala Land Report

The objective of this report is to explore ways of creating a sustainable future for koalas on the Koala Coast, South East Queensland, Australia. For the purpose of this report, the Koala Coast includes the local government areas of Moreton, Redland, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan. As indicated by its name, this…read more

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koala knee

knee reconstruction on karen the koala reveals cartilage patella

New op that gave Karen a leg-up BY:NICHOLAS PERPITCH  From:The Australian September 29, 2012 12:00AM KAREN the koala looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world, except maybe where the next eucalyptus leaf might come from. But she doesn’t know how lucky she is. Back in July, she was almost completely immobile and became the…read more

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Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland

Conserving Central Queensland’s Koalas

I just got back from Central Queensland University in Rockhampton where the Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland hosted koala conservation workshops. Convened by Dr Alistair Melzer of Central Queensland University and Dr William Ellis and Dr Sean FitzGibbon of University of Queensland, the workshops brought together local, national and international koala experts to focus…read more

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koala joey cohunu wildlife park

Koalas in the news

Concerns grow over plans for Kinross Road project July 21, 2011 “Given the irrefutable impacts and undesirable precedents that bridging the Wellington Ponds would create, decreasing the development yield so as to negate the need for a bridge and connection to Wellington Street is the best option.” Cr Henry also expressed concern about the koala…read more

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genome banks

Genome banks and connectivity

As mentioned in a previous post, Dr Steve Johnston of University of Queensland has been developing the concept of a genome bank for koalas as a part of new strategy for koala conservation. This is a simple but elegant idea whereby genetics in the form of live animals or frozen sperm can be managed for…read more

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queensland koalas 02

Queensland Koalas

The Queensland koala population is an important population for all of Australia because it is natural – it is one of the only populations left in Australia where koalas are existing naturally in their natural physical environment. In other words, Queensland koalas have not been manipulated, introduced, or reintroduced. As we have discussed in previous…read more

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koalas in captivity

Koalas in Captivity

Koalas in captivity, or koalas in zoos, can play a big role in the protection of koalas in the wild and koala habitat. Zoos are not only about educating people about the koala’s situation and creating awareness about koalas and their habitats, but are also about being centres for research. Local zoos like Dreamworld’s Koala…read more

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value adding

Value Adding

What is a tree worth? With all the talk about carbon and carbon tax, consider how much carbon a tree, especially a large old growth tree, would store. Wouldn’t it be easier just to keep these trees than to debate the details of a taxation system? Carbon is worth money, trees are worth money, and…read more

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Connections patches koala habitat

Connections and Connectivity

As discussed in the post of July 23, fragmentation of koala habitat is a huge problem for koalas. To reduce stress for koalas, the patches of koala habitat must be large enough, and there must be functional connectivity between these patches. It has been suggested that the patches of bushland need to at least 50…read more

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Fragmentation of koala habitat

Fragmentation of Koala Habitat and Inbreeding

One of the major issues affecting the health and sustainability of koala populations is fragmentation of habitat. Every time new roads, developments and fences are constructed in koala habitats, the normal movement of koalas is hindered, and they are disconnected from the things they need to survive – food trees and other koalas. As mentioned…read more

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Koala home ranges

Home Ranges

A home range is the place where a koala spends all its time, and encompasses all the resources the koala requires to survive and reproduce. In healthy koala habitats, koalas do not have to compete for resources – so competition for food trees and other resources influences how koalas are distributed across a landscape. A…read more

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