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koala in ballina

New Highway Threatens Protected Koala Populations In Ballina

NEW HIGHWAY THREATENS PROTECTED KOALA POPULATIONS Posted by: Ashleigh Saunders February 10, 2014 in Northern Rivers News     Ballina Council has joined with Friends of the Koala, to fight for a new solution to the current Wardell bypass. The proposed highway upgrade through Blackwall could potentially wipe out the local protected species. Source : http://www.nbnnews.com.au/index.php/2014/02/10/new-highway-threatens-protected-koala-populations/ Calls for more…read more

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aftermath of Australian Bluegum Plantations logging koala habitat

Australian Bluegum Plantations admits koala mistreatment

Here is some damning analysis and reporting by the Rainforest Alliance and the Rainforest Stewardship Council. Australian Bluegum Plantations Pty. Ltd. (SW-FM/COC-001327) Assessment and Audits through 2005 (English) PDF - 298 KB Annual Audit 2006 (English) PDF - 138 KB Verification Audit 2007 (English) PDF - 39 KB Annual Audit 2007 (English) PDF - 140 KB Annual Audit 2008 (English) PDF - 429 KB Verification…read more

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Ray and Murray Chambers from Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue talk about the realities of being wildlife rescue workers

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Koala Helps Her Frightened Baby YouTube

Bridging the gap koala helps her frightened joey

Great footage of a koala helping her joey bridge the gap between trees!

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Incredibly cute thirsty koala drinks to beat the dry weather

This fluffy young koala popped his head over our fence in search for water. It has been very dry here in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and so are the Gum Trees. Koalas get creative in search for water during the dry Summer.

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koala and frog toys

What do koalas and frogs have in common?

They are both Sentinel Species whose presence, absence, or relative well-being in a given environment is indicator of the health of its ecosystem as a whole. Here’s a great campaign called follow the frog which highlights the fact that, we don’t have to go all the way to south america to do something, it’s happening right here…read more

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yindi the koala

Watch YINDI The Last Koala

Every once in a while, a television program comes along that is so very special that it becomes a national talking point, an emotional tear-jerker that is reflected in winning ratings. Such a program is YINDI The Last Koala? a one hour docu-drama that follows the life of a most extraordinary koala, Yindi. Recorded over…read more

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crazy koala fight

Cracking the Koala Code Video: A battle for territory

Apparently koala fighting for territory results in one of the males backing down 96% of the time. The other 4% of the time it’s on like an MMA fight, but fluffier, and in a tree. Watch A Battle for Territory on PBS. See more from Nature. A fight erupts between two koalas after one of…read more

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koala climbing a fence

Cracking the Koala Code video: A Koala Roams the Suburbs

This video really brings to light the difficulties koalas face navigating the rapidly expanding urban landscape, young male koalas seeking potential mates are often forced into backyards and across roads when migrating to neighbouring colonies to produce offspring. Watch A Koala Roams the Suburbs on PBS. See more from Nature. A male koala roams the…read more

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koala preparing eucalytptus

Cracking the Koala Code Video: Preparing for a eucalyptus diet

A baby koala consumes his mother’s pap, a secretion that will give the joey the bacteria needed to digest eucalyptus leaves. Watch a scene from Cracking the Koala Code which premiered May 16, 2012  on PBS Nature. Watch Preparing for a Eucalyptus Diet on PBS. See more from Nature. Source : http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/cracking-the-koala-code/video-preparing-for-a-eucalyptus-diet/7704/ Cracking the Koala…read more

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Koala and joey in a tree PBS Nature cracking the koala code

Cracking the koala code preview on PBS Nature

PBS have a beautifully shot piece on the mysteries of the koala bellow featuring on Nature. Keep an eye out for it in your local guides. Watch Cracking the Koala Code – Preview on PBS. See more from Nature. Cracking the Koala Code Introduction Loud bellows ring out from a small pocket of forest surrounded…read more

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